Our Impact

These symptoms significantly interfere with social, emotional and cognitive development.  By helping current and former foster youth to overcome many of the significant emotional problems they suffer as a result of having grown up in the foster care system, A Home Within is helping them to become healthy, strong and productive members of their communities.

Judge Ina Gyemant (ret) discusses the impact A Home Within has on foster youth:


What people are saying:

  • "In one summer I moved 9 times in 2 1/2 months. As a foster child, I acted out quite a bit - and it had nothing to do with the personality that I had, it simply had everything to do with getting the attention that I needed. I met Marian at age 15, and that right there is the day that my life changed. I know for a fact right now that, without working with Marian, I would either be dead or in prison. What was so powerful when Marian came on board and she introduced herself to my life is that she changed that stigma, she said look - 'I'm willing to work with you, I can work with your parents. You don't have to move and I'm not going anywhere." These mental health professionals - they're not only there to work with the child - they're there to work with the whole family dynamic, and that is huge."

    Steering Committee Member
  • "In my experience, therapists from A Home Within provide the only consistent, long-term, caring relationships many of these children have ever had. Children in foster care often encounter a multitude of social workers, foster parents, lawyers and judges, which adversely affects their already tenuous ability to heal, trust and form healthy relationships. The children in my court who have been fortunate enough to have a therapist from A Home Within have demonstrated much more positive outcomes than those who have not had the benefit of such a relationship."

    Hon. Donna Hitchens
    Judge (ret), San Francisco Superior Court
  • "Through A Home Within, our daughter has experienced the stability, support, and commitment of a single therapist for the past 3-1/2 years – something we could never have imagined finding through the system or affording on our own. Dr. Mike’s time and dedication has not only been focused on [her], but he has been a tremendous support in helping us learn how to parent this wonderful child. We have two other fost-adopt children who are now on their own healing journeys with the help of A Home Within.  You have two tremendously grateful parents who can’t thank you enough for your work and dedication."

    Adopted 3 foster kids, all in therapy through A Home Within
  • "Therapists in my local chapter definitely enjoy giving back to the community and benefit from participating in the consultation group. A Home Within is a tremendous asset to therapists who are seeking professional development and networking opportunities."

    James Gibson, LCSW
    Clinical Director, Pasadena Chapter