A Home Within

by Emily Finch


The stars of this world,

those that truly get it:


have a home within.


If you know, you know

and you probably got an imaginary friend.


Or two, or ten.


It takes time to let it sink in and

embrace the home you made within.

It allowed you to love

for love's sake,

and bury your indifference.


You keep running,

they keep running,

we all keep running

from the tree of life —


A tree in the garden of compassion.

Gave it up

for a cold world:

stats, death and data.

Prejudice, empty prayers,



Most everyone thinks we’re right—


And we are!

But we’re wrong

when we try to ignore


another’s pain

another’s exile

another’s trial

another’s oppression

another’s faith

another’s resistance

another’s essence

another’s beautiful smile

another’s fears

another’s desires.


How we’re truly made.


It’s not too late

to step back,

to listen.


It’s not too late to recognize

and mourn the suppression we endured

and in good faith, repent

for the wounds we prolong and inflict on others.


It’s time to come together

and create a home within.

A safe home in ourselves

where we can break bread

but we don’t overstep.

Where if we transgress

we can forgive but never forget.


We can learn to respect


and one another

even if that means opening a door

or if it means closing one forever.


We can give back

but our hands are not forced—

we can breathe, dance, chant




We are like stars

shining bright together

each uniquely beautiful

the way we arrive and the way we burn out.

Some quietly,

some violently

but all majestically.


We are together apart and apart together

in a home within.

About Emily Finch

Emily Finch (she/her/hers) is a former member of Oregon Foster Youth Connection (OFYC), and participates in a Portland support group facilitated by A Home Within. She has been writing poetry since she was 9 years old, the age she entered foster care.