At-Home Series

Beginning 3/1/2022, we will be updating our system, and the At-Home Series trainings prior to Dr. Barkai's 2/12/22 event will not be eligible for Continuing Education credit. You are welcome to take advantage of these resources and view the recordings, but credit will not be awarded at this time. Thank you for your patience!

2020-22 At Home Series

A Home Within’s 2020-21 At Home Series was a year-long program of online continuing education that responded to the evolving needs of current and former foster youth as well as the professional community of practitioners committed to serving them. Each of the workshops explored the experiences of foster youth in four contexts: as individuals, in relationship with a therapist, in their families of origin and choice, and in the broader systems with which they interact. The content and method of every workshop addressed these topics in the context of the pandemic, national reckoning with racism and injustice, and the rapid transition to technology-enabled modalities.



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