A Home Within's Statement on the Current Movement for Equity & Justice

Dear Friends of A Home Within,

As hundreds of thousands take to the streets in outrage at yet another run of brutality and entrenched, systemic racism, there is pain everywhere you look. The pain of witnessing and experiencing violence. The pain of being directly confronted with racist acts. The pain of losing faith in the future—and being dismissed, condemned, and antagonized when daring to fight to regain that faith.

It's clear that youth are experiencing fear, anger, bewilderment, and trauma in every realm—from their most personal, individual experiences to their experiences in every kind of community—their neighborhoods, schools, in the streets, and online.

I do worry about youth who have experienced foster care. They already know more about trauma and pain than anyone ever should. I worry that the pandemic constitutes more fear, more trauma, more loss, and that in the midst of all that, youth are deprived of supportive routines, structures, and relationships.

But if I know anything about youth who have experienced foster care, it is that my worry is often met with astounding evidence of resilience, strength, and self-determination – individually, and in community. And they have everything to gain from today’s struggle for justice.

Young people around the country are reconvening at high schools that have been closed for months to lead thousands in peaceful marches, in broad daylight, expressing a hope and a demand for justice, dignity, and healing. Youth who have experienced foster care are raising their voices and standing in community as a vital part of this movement.

Here in our AHW community, I continue to be amazed—delighted and reassured and energized—by the love and light, kindness and compassion, commonality and unity of purpose that we all manifest every day. We commit ourselves fully to the movement for social and racial justice.

There is a way forward. We'll find and build it together, through relationship, community, and unity.

If you are visiting our site for the first time or are new to A Home Within, I would love to speak with you to hear your thoughts, concerns, and questions.


Reed Connell

Executive Director