October 24, 2016

I am the biological mother of a soon to be 3-year-old boy.

He was the very best baby anyone could ever hope for. He never cried, he was always happy and he was very alert and really really smart. I look at my only memories I have of him and can only hope that when he gets older he does not hate me. I do not know why I did not fight my hardest to keep him.

I would suggest to the biological parents that are out there trying to get their kids back when all seems bad and you want to give up- don’t. It is far to easy to quit. But the challenge and victory I’m sure are more than worth the struggle.

My son’s name is Richard Anthony Ochoa Jr. His d.o.b is 01/20/2014 and if he ever reads this, I love him more than life itself and I’m sorry for giving up on you.


Anonymous on November 1, 2016

I believe this message to your son will be helpful someday. We all want to know that we were loved.




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