“A Wilted Flower” A memoir by former foster youth Erica Decima

September 19, 2016

Post by: Erica Decima

A Wilted Flower

We all have a story that defines us. A story that tells of our past, where we belong, where we came from, and how we came to be. We are all different people. That is what makes us unique.

I emancipated foster care at 18 and my story comes in the form of a memoir. A book that will take you on a journey with me while we dig into my past and grow into my future. My words will guide you by showing you what life was like before and after foster care. The manuscript for my book is complete and I am working on publishing it through Kickstarter. I would really appreciate your support and help along this journey. If my campaign is funded I will send the manuscript to my editor. From there, it will be reviewed to ensure that all minor kinks are smoothed out before sending it off for printing. This process will not affect the manufacturing, shipping or delivery time (which is expected to arrive shortly before Christmas). Please check out my video below for more insight on my campaign and GO HERE for a copy of the book.


With your support, we can bring my book to life and for EACH book that is supported through Kickstarter, another will be sent to a local foster youth community.


MY HOPE is that this book will touch the hearts of youth and adults alike by both spreading hope to foster youth and raising awareness to the community about the struggles that foster children face. Most children in foster care are unaware of their true potential and even though there are so many wonderful programs that help them today, there is always more that we can do together as a community. I believe my book is a perfect start!

It’s statistics like these that show us how much work still needs to be done. You have the power to make a difference and we have the power to change lives. So let’s do this together!

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Erica DeCima
Author & Foster Youth Advocate
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