A Home Within Profiles

Vanessa Hernandez

AHW Volunteer Spotlight: Vanessa Hernandez, Alameda County, CA, Chapter

By A Home Within | June 7, 2021

“It is common for A Home Within clients to be unsure if we are going to be there for them long-term because they have made connections and lost them in the past. So just the idea that we are offering to be their therapists for as long as they want—that it’s in their control, not…

Sarah Campbell

AHW Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Campbell, Alameda County, CA, Chapter

By A Home Within | May 5, 2021

by Emma Mears My work with A Home Within is one of the most important parts of my private practice. —AHW Volunteer Clinician Sarah Campbell Sarah Campbell didn’t always know she wanted to work with adolescents. Following the birth of her second child, Sarah began exploring a career change, preferring not to return to her…