August 17, 2016

Nearly four years ago I was blessed with my two sons. They had lived a life of eating cold canned goods out of the cans and left from place to place more then 11 times was their story. Parachuted in to my living room on a late September night they sat detached. Reunification was the hope.. Two and a half years later and just two days before reunification was the relapse. The boys world turned upside down. In the fight of my life for another child I was adopting. County abused discression and egregiously took my baby. What’s a woman to do? Do I fight for the one and loose these two? “You have to choose, one case at a time.” Timing is everything. The boys begged to stay. Faith was strong, but I had to pray.. There was no guarantee my daughter would be returned. “Your newly single are you sure you want three” “It’s a no brainier I loved them, they picked me”. Our love for each other made us family. It was all or nothing and so plain to see….now these boys are all mine permanently.


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Originally posted at a project by A Home Within