Cross-Cultural Trauma Informed Counseling With Foster Care Youth And Their Families

A Home Within At Home Series


Cross-Cultural Trauma Informed Counseling With Foster Care Youth And Their Families


Judith Castro


2 CE Credits

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What Percentage of foster parents are white?

True or False: Therapists cannot be a cultural support for children of color and a bridge to help white foster families to understand the child’s struggle and act in healing ways.

What are the goals that Judith mentions at the beginning of the talk when helping families understand the struggle of the child of color? (Select all that apply)

True or False: Ethnocentrism is the attitude or belief that one’s own group, ethnicity or nationality is inferior to others.

What are the negative repercussions of foster families who practice racist beliefs on foster children?

What are the techniques that Judith gave on helping parents understand the child’s trauma (Select all that apply)

What are the three types of therapy that Judith mentions (Select All that Apply)

True or False: The three overlapping phases of Structural Family Therapy are Joining of therapists and family in a place of leadership, family mapping, and therapist intervention.

How many steps are there in Emotionally focused therapy?

True or False: Judith warns that there are people of color who identify as white and that it is wrong to make assumptions.

What is Judith’s advice when dealing with families with a lot of tension, trauma, and reactive disorder at the beginning?

True or False: Judith encourages parents to get to know the child’s ethnic world and become more accepting of their cultural practices even though they might not agree or understand them.

What are the findings of the study Judith mentions from the University of Pennsylvania about colorblindness when it comes to understanding children of color?

According to Judith what are the most important issues to tackle as a therapist when dealing with the foster child’s relationship with their biological parents

According to Judith, to raise a resilient youth of color one must...