Clinical Director Position Description

Clinical Directors provide clinical leadership within their local chapters. They may share leadership responsibilities with Consultation Group Leaders, depending on the specific needs of the chapter.  Their commitment is approximately two hours per week and their primary responsibility is to ensure that the Clinicians in their Chapter are supported both clinically and professionally. Clinical Directors are charged with ensuring that Clinicians feel valued, supported, and appreciated. The Clinical Director will work with the Clinical Programs Manager to ensure the availability of consultation groups for participating Volunteer Clinicians, as well as to potentially provide clinical consultation to the Consultation Group Leaders. The Director of Clinical Programs is also available to discuss clinical issues as they arise with the Consultation Group Leaders, Clinical Directors and/or the Clinicians.


This consultation group model promotes quality and consistency of care, prevents volunteer burnout, and creates a community of mental health practitioners who are continuously honing their practice, and as a group, demonstrating the benefits of long-term mental health care for foster youth.


There are three main elements of a Clinical Director’s responsibilities:

  1. To work closely with our Program Manager and the Director of Clinical Programs in the national office, to vet all potential new Volunteer Clinicians and ensure they follow onboarding training protocols. Clinical Directors shall also maintain regular (at least monthly) telephone contact with the Program Manager.
  2. To provide Consultation Groups for those Clinicians who wish to have access to this type of support. Clinical Directors are expected to help recruit and support the formation and maintenance of a sufficient number of Consultation Groups to serve those active Clinicians who want this forum.
  3. To plan and hold at least two – and as many as four – events every year designed to support the Clinicians and, secondarily, promote A Home Within in the broader community. Two of these events should be free Continuing Education events, so that our Clinicians can meet their Continuing Education obligations at no cost. Other events – a dinner, movie night or gathering for coffee – are intended to build community among the Clinicians, to provide referral opportunities, and to honor the Clinicians for their ongoing contributions.


The position of Clinical Director requires, among other things, the following:

  • Licensed mental health professional
  • Completed volunteer application & interview with Clinical Director and/or Director of Clinical Programs
  • CV and three professional references
  • Interested in or knowledgeable about trauma-informed care
  • Interested in or knowledgeable about the foster care population
  • A natural ability to lead, present, and network
  • Available at least two hours per week
  • Committed to hosting between two and four annual events
  • Develop and implement plan for ongoing recruitment of volunteers
  • Committed to help train new clinicians as needed
  • Self-motivated, organized, flexible, and willing to learn