Consultation Group Leader Position

Consultation Group Leaders are responsible for leading and maintaining regular group meetings where Clinicians can get support around their cases. Typically, Consultation Group Leaders are seasoned Clinicians who have a deep knowledge base about trauma and the foster care population. Consultation Group Leaders, along with Clinicians, determine the length and frequency of their group.  Often it is once a week for 50 minutes or bi-weekly for 75 minutes.  These can be either in person or through video conference, based on what works best for that particular chapter.


Consultation Group Leaders are expected to communicate with their local Clinical Director(s) once a month, providing an update on clinical issues, terminations, or other matters.  Consultation Group Leaders may also work with their Clinical Director(s) to set up Continuing Education courses to be held during their group meetings.


The position of Consultation Group Leader requires, among other things, the following:

  • Licensed as a mental health clinician
  • Completed volunteer application and interview with local Clinical Director
  • CV and three professional references
  • Able and committed to holding a consultation group of up to six people one hour per week or 90 minutes bi-weekly
  • Ability to help provide Continuing Education unit courses (curricula from the national office)
  • Committed to speaking with the Clinical Director regarding clinical issues once a month, at a minimum.
  • Available during a clinical crisis, should one arise
  • Ability to respond to all communications from Clinical Director and national office within three business days