What is Therapy – Online Training


About the training

This online training (created by Karen Zilberstein, LCSW) provides information about different forms of psychotherapy, from individual to family to group therapies.  It includes information, for anyone who has or works with children, about what signs might suggest that therapy could be useful.

There are some things that are difficult to change on your own.  When you or someone you know is struggling with a confusing or stubborn issue, meeting with a psychotherapist can provide the new perspective needed to help get through it.

The training is organized along different points in children’s lives, from infancy to toddlerhood to school-age to adolescence.  Each section reviews typical developmental milestones, signs of areas that would benefit from therapy, and different forms of therapy that might be useful.

At the end of each training you will find:

  • a form for evaluating the training,
  • a form for submitting a question to our panel of experts.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 hours


Course Instructor