Foster Care Research Group

Foster Care Research Group

The Foster Care Research Group


The FCRG is currently seeking participants for a survey on “Foster Youth Perspectives”.

Current and former foster youth are invited to describe their experiences with mental health and supportive relationships while in foster care, using a 30-minute paper-and-pencil survey.

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About the Foster Care Research Group

Since 2000, the FCRG has evaluated therapist reports of long-term, pro bono mental health interventions with foster youth provided through A Home Within. More recently, the FCRG has increased its focus on capturing the experiences of youth, from their perspective. We have several projects focused on youths’ perceptions of mental health service delivery and barriers to mental health services. Moreover, understanding that not all youth want, and/or need, mental health services, we also have projects in development examining potential protective factors supporting well-being, with specific focus on sibling relationships.


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