This includes our entire library of conversation cards and online trainings

These online trainings and conversation cards describe the effects of trauma and offer ideas for trauma informed care to promote growth and healthy relationships.


In this training you will learn how trauma affects babies and what parents and caregivers can do to help infants resume healthy development.

Learn how to help toddlers and preschoolers who have been slowed by the effects of trauma begin to feel excited about exploring their worlds.

This training helps caregivers understand how trauma interferes with learning and what they can do to help children get back on track.

This training explains how trauma derails the development of healthy identity formation with ideas for how to be helpful to teens and young adults.

This online training describes different kinds of therapy and explains how therapy can be helpful to children and adolescents.

This training will help teachers and counselors understand how trauma affects students, with guidelines for useful interventions.

You will learn how to identify anxiety in children and teens and what you can do to help, so that worry doesn’t slow their healthy development.


Learn how to care for yourself to minimize secondary trauma using this deck.

Use these cards to reinforce relationship-based practices.

Use this deck to learn about the impact of uncertain losses—divorce, mental illness, incarceration, or foster care, for example.

This deck gives ideas about how adults and young children can use all of their senses to build healthy relationships.

Explore the multiple variations of family structures with these cards.


Use these cards to learn about the importance of relationships for successful employment.

These cards promote activities that support the health of both children and parents.

Learn how to help teens as they explore their identities and their place in the world.

Use this deck to help older children learn about themselves and how they fit into their communities.

Learn about the comfortable and uncomfortable feelings involved in both giving and receiving care.

Use this deck to explore the meaning of having, changing, and losing homes.


This deck gives directions for scavenger hunts that create stories and explore relationships.

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