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The concert is free. Donations to support A Home Within are appreciated!

Thanks to an anonymous donor and our board of directors, all donations up to a total of $10,000 will be matched!

“My therapist has been my anchor through this storm. They remind me of the progress I have made over the years when I feel I am only treading water. They remain by my side in this healing journey and self-discovery. Without them, I forget that I am a good person with a stable job, friends, and chosen family whom I am able to love and that I am loved.” — Anthony, AHW Advisor & Former Client

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A Home Within turns every $1 contributed into $4 of professional mental health support for children and youth in foster care. They need us now more than ever.

Check with your employer to see if they will match your donation to A Home Within, a 501c3 nonprofit!

As a former psychologist, I feel very strongly about the healing power of psychotherapy. I really believe that you can change the world by helping one person live a fulfilling life, and that’s what A Home Within does.” —Lucy Kaplansky

About Lucy

Lucy Kaplansky

Lucy Kaplansky started out singing in Chicago folk music clubs as a teenager. Then, barely out of high school, she took off for New York City. There she found a fertile community of songwriters and performers and often found herself singing as a duo with Shawn Colvin. People envisioned big things for them. But then Lucy dropped it all.

She left the musical fast track to pursue a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Upon completing her degree, Dr. Kaplansky took a job at a New York hospital working with chronically mentally ill adults, and also started a private practice. Yet she continued to sing. And it was in 1994, after Shawn Colvin hooked her up to produce a record, that her solo tapes got into Red House Record hands. Suddenly, Lucy was back in the music business and since then she has released eight critically acclaimed solo albums, two of which won the AFIM award for “Best Pop Album.” Lucy has appeared on the CBS Morning Show as well as NPR’s Weekend and Morning Editions and All Things Considered. Her voice has remained in high demand by her peers, and she can be heard on releases by Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin, Bryan Ferry, and Nanci Griffith.

Lucy's latest album, Everyday Street (2018), is a stunning collection of songs weaving stories of joy, friendship, family, loss, and discovery. Lucy continues to tour and receive airplay both nationally and internationally.  We are thrilled that she will be playing a special online concert to benefit A Home Within!

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