August 17, 2016

No greater joy than to keep Families connected. I’ve been a foster parent to over 30 children in 5 years. It is my goal to ensure anyone that has lived in my home knows they are loved beyond my care and if at all possible to keep them in close contact with members of their biological families. I spend my summers and vacations traveling from one side of the state to the ends to see as many of these children attending first days of school, graduations, and any other milestone events I can to show my love. The idea is that these kids have more family then they started with. I recently had the privilege to provide permanency for my two sons in the form of guardianship. I have no idea that my son’s paternal biological family lived directly around the corner until I scheduled a meeting with his aunt and biological father. Not two people showed up. To my surprise, 25 people showed up.  Not only did they show up,  they were amazing people.  My children now have an identity and our family has expanded but there is no greater validation then receiving a text like this….what a treasure keeping Families connected can be!!!


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Originally posted at a project by A Home Within