October 18, 2016

My brother had his daughter taken and placed into foster care. I went through the process to try to get custody or adopt my niece.

She had been in a foster home two weeks after she was born. My husband and I passed background checks and we visited her as often as we could. In the end, we were told it was in her best interest to stay with foster family because she had established a bond with them.

The new law (sic) my rushed her into adoption and took her away from us.  It felt like my heart fell out of my chest.  Mr and my niece do have a bond were family blood is thicker than water.


Anonymous on November 1, 2016

After 2 weeks… I’m so sorry. That doesn’t make sense. My daughter who can’t have children of her own had a beautiful 3 year old foster child in their home for 2 months. After 2 months of bonding (and they all did bond), she was put in the home of a great aunt and uncle.




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