A Home Within Volunteers provide pro-bono weekly psychotherapy to current and former foster youth “for as long as it takes.” We have chapters throughout the country and will start one anywhere there is interest. Volunteer Clinicians are supported by local Clinical Directors and AHW staff who facilitate consultation groups, continuing education events, and opportunities to engage with the broader field. The therapy A Home Within’s volunteer clinicians provide is not mediated by the foster care system or limited by public funding constraints, making it a creative solution to a challenging problem.


If you’re a therapist interested in joining one of our Clinical Chapters, we’d love to hear from you! 


"I feel very inspired by my experience working with like-minded clinicians at A Home Within, who share a belief in the importance of the mission of providing long term psychotherapy to foster youth. It is a wonderful feeling of community and shared purpose and I’m very honored to be involved in this work." —Ayelet Barkai, Clinical Director of Boston AHW Chapter


The heart of the organization, Volunteer Clinicians commit to taking on one client—pro bono—for as long as it takes.


Consultation Group Leaders are responsible for leading and maintaining regular group meetings where Clinicians can get support around their cases.


Clinical Directors provide clinical leadership within their local chapters.

By providing one lasting, healthy relationship, you can help a young person escape the cycle of chronic loss. After even one year, the youth we serve experience statistically significant reductions in anxiety, depression, and dissociative disorders.

“Thank you for doing such amazing work. I have had A Home Within therapist for over 10 years now and he has transformed my life. I would not be where I am today without him. I still have weekly sessions. I hope to one day be one of your volunteer therapists so I can give back even more.” —R., A Home Within Client