A Home Within seeks to heal the trauma of chronic loss experienced by foster children and to improve the foster care system by building positive lasting relationships and continuous connections through direct services, professional training, public awareness, and advocacy.


A Home Within will be successful when decision-makers in the foster care system recognize the need for- and ensure that foster children have- continuous connections, stable placements, and positive lasting relationships with clinicians, family, other caring adults, and peers.

Operating Principles

  • The trauma of chronic loss impedes all aspects of human development.
  • Positive and lasting relationships and the ability to trust others are essential for overcoming the adverse effects of chronic loss.
  • Communities of supportive peers and mentors provide vital opportunities for personal growth and education for both foster care youth and individuals working with children and families in the system.
  • The foster care system benefits from community support that promotes positive interactions to help children build the bonds that are fundamental to the development of secure, emotionally healthy, productive adults.
  • Non-government organizations can facilitate systematic change in foster care through model programs, educational outreach, and academic research that documents the impact of continuous connections and lasting relationships.
  • To ensure the long-term sustainability of A Home Within and to achieve our vision, we must undertake projects and programs that directly relate to our mission and implement them in a fiscally efficient manner with the highest possible impact.

I support the mission of A Home Within.  A Home Within or I may revoke this agreement with written notice. In the event that my association with A Home Within comes to an end I agree that the needs of the children and families served by A Home Within will be given highest priority during the transition.