August 10, 2016

Post by: Robyn, age 15 (2002)

I’m calling for someone, Is there anyone out there,
Maybe if I look hard enough
They’ll come to connect

I want a mom and dad
Parents who care, and understand,
I hope it’s soon, maybe when I look
at the moon so are they

I sometimes wish that I had parents
Right now at the moment
But if I keep going so will they,
I’ll believe so hard and maybe it’ll happen

Everywhere I go I connect with others, But my one wish is to have a mom
And a dad who care, love, and know right from wrong,
To teach rne to be healthy, safe
Just to understand

l know the right ones are out there,
Wishing to have a daughter at 15
So I hope our one wish comes true.


Roger Conner on August 15, 2016

You have a beautiful heart, and I pray that your wish come true, and that your forever family will find you. We adopted our son when he was 22; he still calls or texts me every day, and he is 30 now. My life is so much richer because we found him. By the way, we were not looking to adopt. He reached out and asked me to coffee, and one thing led to another!




Originally posted at a project by A Home Within