August 9, 2016

Post by: Meenal C

Am I coming or am I going?

Could it be that I am transforming?

Is the boat of hope sailing away

Or heading in my direction?

All heartache, loss, frustration,

Pain, chaos and confusion,

Also give rise to fantasy and the wings of imagination,

Not just escapes but resources

to deal with all the trials and tribulations.

We are all God’s children

Joy n’ peace our reflection

But raised in foster homes

Of petty emotions

We are longing for

A home within

Of Love and acceptance


By learning from one another

We might yet traverse

The rainbow bridge of constancy

and find the way

To a true Homecoming.


Katja on August 15, 2016

Thank you Meenal C.

Your line “give rise to fantasy and the wings of imagination” is captivatingly beautiful.
I am a poet and singer/songwriter myself so I appreciate your words.

Thank you.





Originally posted at a project by A Home Within