Reed Connell

Executive Director

Through nearly 20 years working in foster care, mental health, housing, and special education settings, Reed Connell has developed a sophisticated knowledge of childrenʼs programs and policy development. Reed has worked with statewide and national coalitions to design, pass, and implement a range of important children's legislation, and has worked with a range of nonprofit organizations and government agencies on resource, program, and capacity development. From 2009 to 2013, Reed served as the Executive Director of the Alameda County Foster Youth Alliance, an effective and highly visible local advocacy agency. In 2014, Reed co-founded Social Change Partners, LLC to support nonprofits and government agencies in meeting the needs of children and families. Reed also works with a range of mental health systems change efforts, including Breaking Barriers and The California Children's Trust. Reed holds an MSW degree from UC Berkeley with a concentration in Management and Planning.