August 29, 2016

Post by: Robyn, age 17 (2004)

I’m staring at the person in the mirror

Thinking does anyone really see her, all the ugly, disgusting, unattractive fat

Wishing to be clean, thin and flat.

Every day I go without putting the enemy in me,

Wishing staff, RN’s, kids, Dr.’s would leave me be,

They’re all trying to win me over, taking my control,

But I’m cleansing my soul.

I’m never good enough! Why, why, why?

I look at myself and break down and cry.

Many say you’re getting so skinny, you’re bones,

But they can’t hear my pain and moans

They don’t see what’s really there,

All they have to do is look and stare.

The dark, puffy circles around my eyes

The things I do to sacrifice my cries.

As the numbers drop day by day

She’s still thinking how much do they want me to weigh?

Food is dirty, unclean, fattening

As I continue to refuse my stomach’s flattening

Dropping, dropping toward her goal

To what she identifies as perfect

I’m punishing myself from what people stole

My self-worth, dignity, trust, to be a child,


As she remembers, she jogs thinking thin, thin…

with each exasperating step,

Forcing to burn the calories, the evil in her,

At night with an empty stomach,

She gets up to do her routine,

One, two, three …fifty …hundred

Now the fat is smothered.

Now she’s done and can go to sleep

She’ll dream about how much more she’ll be loved,

If she lost some more weight.

She’ll have more self-worth and less hate.

Only if she was a few pounds less

She’ll be the best.

Now she’s coming, back to reality, she can begin

To see it, she may be thinner but doesn’t

Feel like the winner.

She feeds lost, weak, tired, and still imperfect.

I guess the 25 pounds she wanted to lose,

And lost she still feels the same



After all, mirrors never lie or do they?


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Originally posted at a project by A Home Within