November 8, 2016

When we started this journey, I had no idea what was in store for us. We knew we wanted to add to our family and Foster Care provided us that ability. What we didn’t realize was that the children coming into our home needed us as much or more than we needed/desired them.

Adoption is a wonderful way to start a family or in our case, a second family.  It provided an answer to our prayer…to my prayer to become a Mom.  As prepared as I thought we were to take in children, we were not prepared for the behaviors that often times come with the children due to the trauma they have experiences in their short lives.

Our Monkey, now 7 (adopted at age 4) came to us with a host of behavioral problems that we had to work through – the biggest of them all was his inability to attach.  Just because we loved him from the minute we brought him home– did not mean he was going to love us back. He still has trust issues to this day and is something we are continually working on.  Boo, now 5, is non-verbal and autistic, we are looking forward to celebrating his adoption in the coming month.  Boo came to us at 21 months and while he does not have the attachment/trust issues of our 7 yo, his delays and medical issues will be ongoing for the rest of his life.

When we were praying, hoping, wishing and dreaming of adding children to our family…Monkey and Boo, were not the picture of our “perfect” little family…in fact, they came with less than perfect behaviors, attitudes, and pasts.  In spite of that, I couldn’t love them more and I love that our family is perfectly imperfect!

Fostering and adoption are hard, but the payback for our family is 10 fold!  To be able to see children that come into our home flourish and heal makes all the hard days and nights worth it in the end…these kids are resilient and they can heal!


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Originally posted at a project by A Home Within