August 16, 2016

Post by: Bonita, age 14 (2000)

I met this family, and somehow, I feel it’s good.

Is this the one?

I think so…don’t jinx myself.

Remember .. remember all the other homes you’ve been in?

You always jinx yourself!

Every time 1 say I i:think it’s going to work, it never docs.


I’m gonna test: this lady…

See if her actions are as true as her words

She says I can break the wall and tear up her house And she still won’t give me up.


God, I don’t want to leave. Not again.

l don’t want to meet a new family.

God, a 14 year old, going on 15 shouldn’t have to ask these questions!

No one should. This isn’t right.


Do you think, God, is fear?

What is my future going to be like?

How many more homes do you hold for me?


l know for sure I will not jinx myself and just hope it works out…

And try my best!


They shouldn’t just take a person, a kid and smoosh them in a home.

That’s not right. I’m a human being, too. I have feelings.

What do they expect me to do:

“Oh, hi, I need a home. Oh, your home? Okay, let’s play.”


Then DSS and people wonder why so many kids move so much.


They just don’t know.


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Originally posted at a project by A Home Within