For 30 years, we’ve connected individuals currently or previously in foster care with dedicated volunteer therapists, empowering both to thrive.

Celebrating 30 Years of Building A Home Within!

2024 is A Home Within’s 30th Anniversary! Throughout the year we’re celebrating the strength that comes from our extraordinary history, and enlisting our community in building the future.

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Become a volunteer therapist and join our community of commitment.

If you’re a therapist and can offer one free hour of therapy each week to an individual with experience in foster care, we invite you to join the A Home Within community! Volunteers gain access to ongoing virtual clinical consultation, continuing education, and a variety of individualized professional development opportunities.

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It is one of the most rewarding experiences of my clinical career, and now, more than ever, the best antidote to helplessness in the face of social injustice I have found.

– A Home Within Volunteer

I am so thankful for this amazing program that has, and does, change my life. My therapist says what we don’t treat we repeat, I’m not repeating any of these cycles.

– A Home Within Client

Become a client and receive support for as long as it takes.

We provide open-ended, individual psychotherapy—free of charge—to current and former foster youth. If you’ve experienced foster care and are interested in receiving one free hour of therapy each week from an A Home Within-affiliated therapist, we encourage you to learn more about our network and services.

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16,000 hours of free therapy provided each year.
Over 600,000 youth in foster care nationwide need access to mental healthcare.
Over 500 therapists in 20 chapters across 10 states.