Celebrating 30 Years of Community

At A Home Within, we strive to support, uplift, and celebrate our volunteers every day. Below, you will find volunteer profiles that offer a glimpse into what our amazing volunteer therapists do — at A Home Within and beyond.

Sally Popper, PhD, is one of the co-founders and co-Chapter Directors of our Western Massachusetts Chapter, and Chrissy had the joy of interviewing her here.

Western MassachusettsPhD2013

We had the chance to ask Kathy Vila, PsyD from our San Francisco chapter what it means to her to be an A Home Within therapist!

San FranciscoPsyD2023

Gina is our 100th Volunteer to come on board in 2024! We’re so excited to celebrate this volunteer recruitment milestone.


Gabriel McGowan, LCSW, is one of our A Home Within-CASA Therapy Project volunteers, and he generously agreed to share about his experience working with his client with Chrissy.

Los AngelesLCSW2022

Diane Steinbrecher, LCSW, is one of the founders of our Portland Chapter as well as a former foster youth herself. In this interview, she speaks with Chrissy about her rich and unique perspective.


Chrissy had the honor of sharing a conversation with Amnah Ali, LMFTA, from our Seattle Chapter. You have the option to read the transcript or watch the full interview!


Alejandra is one of our founding Building Practice in Community members! Here she shares her experience with BPIC and A Home Within as a whole.


Long-standing consultation group leader and volunteer at A Home Within, Ana is a clinical psychologist and dear friend of A Home Within.


We connected with Sarah Abel, LICSW, from our Western Mass chapter to get her insights on what it means to be an A Home Within therapist!

Western MassachusettsLICSW2019

We were delighted to interview Isabelle Harman from our robust New York City chapter to get her point of view on her volunteer experience! We know you’ll enjoy her responses as much as we did.

New York CityLMFT2022

Brooke Pomerantz is one of our active volunteers and a foster parent in the SF/Bay Area. We were thrilled to interview her on her experience volunteering with A Home Within as well as her perspective as a foster parent.

SF/Bay AreaLCSW2021

Eric is one of our founding Building Practice in Community (BPIC) members. Here, he gives a beautiful testimony to his experience with A Home Within and in BPIC.


Peggy is an active member of our San Diego chapter. Here she shares her experience working with her A Home Within client.

San DiegoLCSW2022

Kate has been with us for over a decade, and in this conversation, she offers us a unique, long-term perspective.


Denise Galford-Koeppel is a registered play therapist and volunteer with A Home Within. We very much enjoyed hearing her perspective.


We had the pleasure of asking Alyssa in Dallas some questions about both her experience volunteering with A Home Within and her work outside of our organization.


Sonia is, uniquely, both a recipient and a provider of A Home Within services. Here she shares her life-changing experience as both client and volunteer.

Santa ClaraLCSW2024

This fall, I had the privilege of having lunch with AHW Volunteer Therapist and Clinical Director of our San Diego Chapter, Mae Howard, LCSW, RPT. I was eager to learn “what” and “who” called her to serve and volunteer to be a leader in her community.

San Diego CountyLCSW, RPT2021

Sarah Campbell, LMFT, has been a volunteer with us since 2013. Here she shares a bit about her experience becoming a therapist and finding community in A Home Within.


Recently Eileen Keller, an AHW consultation leader for the past 25 years, sat down for an interview at A Home Within. Learn about the amazing way Eileen facilitates the group and her reflections on her experience with A Home Within over the years.


Emily Kent always wanted to do something in the helping field. She knew she wanted to be a social worker after volunteering at shelters throughout her childhood and visiting a domestic violence shelter in high school. She continued this type of work into her undergraduate years…

San FranciscoLCSW2021

Several years ago, when Elizabeth Earnshaw and her husband were getting married, instead of a wedding registry they chose a donation registry. Reading through the donation options, none really spoke to her—until she saw A Home Within.


A Home Within Volunteer Therapist Mary Haake discovered in college that she wanted to work with people—maybe, she says, it’s because both her parents were educators who were passionate about improving the lives of kids and teens in her hometown of Redding, CA.


When Vanessa Hernandez was assigned her A Home Within client over four years ago, she was met with some hesitancy. Her client was 13 at the time and had already had several therapists. Many foster youth, needing free services or a sliding scale, are matched with interns, as Anna was.


At a Glance

A Home Within’s community includes nearly 500 therapists in 20 chapters across 10 states.
Dozens of free consultation groups and continuing education events are offered each year.
This year, over 150 therapists nationwide became volunteers, leading to a 25% increase in our network!