Got Questions?

Our nationwide community of volunteers builds on our 30-year tradition of cultivating healing, long-lasting, committed relationships. We’re excited that you’re thinking of joining! Get your questions answered ahead of time by reading our FAQ.

I don’t work with children. Can I still volunteer with A Home Within?

Yes, you can still volunteer with A Home Within even if you do not work with children. A Home Within serves clients of all ages who have experienced the foster care system. Our matching process is designed to provide as much voice and choice to both clients and volunteers as possible.

Will A Home Within pay for my HIPAA-compliant teletherapy platform and liability insurance, or do I need to acquire these myself?

In order to volunteer with A Home Within, you will need to secure a HIPAA-compliant environment. A Home Within does not cover the costs associated with operating a private practice, such as liability insurance, license fees, or rent.

What if I volunteer with A Home Within and am matched with a client who asks for more than the one session per week that I agreed to? What should I do?

A Home Within does not require therapists to donate more than 50 minutes of direct service per week. Additional time includes completing progress notes and attending optional consultation groups. We do our best to ensure our clients are aware of our service delivery model during our intake process. We strongly recommend you review with your client your commitment to donate one hour per week of therapy in your first session.

What would happen if I joined A Home Within, agreeing to work with a client “for as long as it takes,” and then my circumstances changed and I could no longer work with my client (e.g., I closed my practice)? What should I do?

We understand that circumstances may change over the course of your long-term commitment. If you can no longer provide therapy and believe your client will continue to benefit from A Home Within’s service delivery model, please send an email to and staff will facilitate another match for that client. You may also consider transitioning to another volunteer role: Continuing Education Instructor, Consultation Group Leader, or A Home Within Ambassador.

I don’t have experience in psychiatric settings. If I join A Home Within, will I be expected to provide after-hours crisis intervention, psychiatric services, and/or case management?

A Home Within is not an outpatient clinic. Staff and volunteer therapists do not provide crisis intervention, psychiatric services, intensive outpatient services, after-hours support, intensive case management, family therapy, or wraparound services (e.g., ESA letters, evaluations, disability determinations, expert witness testimony, etc.). If your client’s acuity and/or biopsychosocial needs significantly change, we strongly recommend you seek consultation with your Chapter Director or A Home Within staff to facilitate your client’s transition to the appropriate level of care.

I am a pre-licensed or associate therapist. Can I still volunteer with A Home Within?

Yes, you can still volunteer with A Home Within if you are an associate therapist, as long as you have a supervisor who agrees to supervise your pro bono case. Contact us here if you have more questions.

What are the professional benefits of joining A Home Within?

All A Home Within volunteers gain free access to:

  • A nationwide community of mental health professionals united by their commitment to ensure that individuals currently or previously in foster care are able to embrace life with resilience.

  • Virtual and culturally concordant continuing education events through our robust continuing education program.

  • Ongoing consultation, both local/in-person and virtual, that provides volunteers with high-quality clinical support from their peers, staff, and/or Consultation Group Leader.

  • A variety of individualized professional development opportunities.

  • A digital toolkit of professional resources to help clinicians understand and address the social determinants of health.

If I join A Home Within, will I be expected to submit my session notes to A Home Within staff?

A Home Within strongly recommends you document your services in accordance with the legal and ethical standards of clinical practice. You are not required to submit your notes to A Home Within staff.

What if the client I’m matched with moves out of state and I can no longer meet with them due to license limitations? What should I do?

If your client is moving out of state, please invite them to send an email to and A Home Within staff will contact them to discuss the possibility of being matched with a therapist in the state to which they are moving.

What are the eligibility requirements for A Home Within clients?

A Home Within serves clients of any age who have lived experience of the foster care system. Further eligibility requirements include the ability to complete an intake, and treatment goals that are suitable for one hour per week of psychotherapy from a volunteer therapist.

At a Glance

Dozens of free consultation groups and continuing education events offered each year
95% of volunteer therapists offer services via telehealth
Pre-licensed or associate therapists can volunteer with supervision