Information Hub / BlogPerspectives of Current and Former Foster Youth During COVID-19: Preliminary Report

Saralyn Ruff, our Clinical Consultant, collected responses from young adults in foster care to learn about their experiences and needs during COVID-19. Please review her Preliminary Report here, and contact her with any questions.

This national survey assessed the needs, concerns, and strengths of young adults (ages 18-26) with a history of foster care in response to COVID-19. Participants (n = 127) completed the survey in May and June, reporting their physical, financial, social, psychological, relational level of concern, as well as their confidence in existing professional goals and pride in strengths and accomplishments. Participants were asked to assess all domains before, during, and in the year following Shelter in Place (SIP) due to COVID-19, to identify the immediate impact and perceived impact over time. Participants offered recommendations for present and future resources.